The Lake Erie Confessing Anglican
Trinity Anglican Church  Erie, PA

"Reaching North America with the Transforming Love of Jesus Christ"

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As a historically-rooted church, Trinity Anglican upholds the catholic creeds, the dogmatic definitions of the General Councils of the Undivided Church, and the traditional Anglican formularies.



Ash Wednesday Service: 7:00 PM
Stations of the Cross, Fridays in Lent, 6:30 PM

Trinity Anglican is a mission church of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), started from scratch in 2009.


What do we offer? An invitation to discipleship. Walk with us.


3 Points to Ponder:

  • The Resurrection
    Jesus of Nazareth, really did rise from the dead, never to die again, and that he died for our sins.
  • The Divine-Human Christ
    For his followers, to encounter Jesus of Nazareth was to uniquely encounter the God of their ancestors.
  • According to the Scriptures
    Jesus of Nazareth was himself the embodiment and fulfillment of everything the Jewish Scriptures hoped for and promised--forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with God, and the hope of eternal life under God's righteous reign--and that the nations (Gentiles) are now included in God's saving plan.

God has blessed us with a house of worship. Our goals is to build his kingdom. We invite others to join us.
Our address is 5000 Conrad Road, Erie, PA 16510.
Our Sunday Morning service is at 11:00 AM.
For directions to our church from anywhere, or to find our contact information, please follow these links:

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We believe these points to be true today, and that through believing, we may have life in his name (cf. John 20:31). If they are true, they change everything. If they are true, we need to follow him. If they are true, we need to worship him. If they are true, we need to share him with others--so that all may know forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God.

We Are...

An Orthodox Anglican Fellowship. With 2,000 years of Christianity behind us, our faith and spirituality have been formed by various epochs and movements, notably: the teachings of the Undivided Church (the 'Patristic Era'), the English Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, the 'Caroline Divinity' of the Seventeenth Century, the Evangelical Revival of the Eighteenth Century, the Oxford Movement of the Nineteenth Century, and the various Renewal Movements in the Mainline Churches in the Twentieth Century. All of these influences enable us to be a church for the Twenty-First Century.
An Ancient-Future Fellowship. We bear witness today to the ancient faith "once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3) and guarded by ancient ecumenical consensus. When, in our worship, we reenact God's saving deeds, God truly comes among us and brings us into a deeper walk with him and. each other, empowering us to be his servants in this world. Our goal is to be authentic. The best way for us to bring Christian authenticity into the contemporary world in a meaningful way is through the Ancient-Future model of ministry. In an age that challenges all things Christian, we see God at work among us through form and spontaneity, through Word and Sacrament, through traditional hymns and today's praise music, through liturgical trappings and simplicity.